Living in Mines Summer Housing does not require enrollment at Mines, however, priority is given to applications from academic year Mines students and applicants registered for credit Summer Session courses, or enrolled in a Mines REU Program or working directly with Mines faculty during the eligible dates

Affiliated: Mines Students

If you are currently at Mines student and you intend to apply for summer housing but you are not planning on enrolling in a course during the summer session or you are not participating in a Mines sponsored program during the summer, you are eligible to live Weaver Towers during the available months dates available to residents. We have a 3 week minimum stay requirement for Mines students. 

Affiliated: Enrolled in a Mines REU Program or working directly with Mines faculty

Weaver Towers will be available to residents who are participating in a Mines sponsored program during the summer. To be eligible, residents must be enrolled in a REU Mines or participating in a Mines program that runs concurrent with their requested dates along with the eligible dates. We have an 8-week minimum stay requirement for students affiliated with a Mines and who are in a REU program or working directly with Mines faculty. Additionally, please know that some registered guests might be charged an additional 7.5% tax rate on all housing & meal plan rates.*

*Restrictions: All applicants must be at least 18 years of age on the date their reservation is scheduled to begin and may be asked to provide proof of age. Mines Summer Housing is designed for individual stays. Family housing requests (including married couples) cannot be accommodated due to the layout of the building and  we apologize for not being able to serve families in Summer Housing. 

Non-Affiliated, Non-Mines Applicants

Applicants who are not enrolled at Mines during the academic year nor are they participating in a Mines sponsored program are not eligible for Summer Housing at Mines. 


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